Bas reliefs 3D modeling

3D bas-relief CAD modeling service

Do you need a custom 3D bas-relief to have it engraved or 3D printed? You are in the right place.

Designed and sculpting of custom bas-relief 3D models

The service offered starts from an image (photo or drawing) provided by the customer or from the customer's idea and - if any - from the technical production needs.
Starting from these data, I develop a three-dimensional model of the relief which can then be rendered (and then exported to an image) or exported in various 3D formats such as .stl or .obj for engraving or 3D printing.

All 3D models are tailor-made by me for my clients, starting from scratch or from the reference images sent.
I made three-dimensional models for engraved crests and plates, for key rings, badges and even small pins or coins.

Work with me

Tell me your project, I'll be happy to help!