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A book about how to build a Brand Experience. Texts, photos and layout by me.

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Year: 2017

Client: University project at Politecnico di Milano -
Design School - Bachelor Thesis

Abstract: Traditionally, the field of interaction design and branding intertwine only to exchange the information necessary to each perform their own work; separate strategies and platforms, different designers and skills, different agencies.

Today with the new experiences of web2.0, "smart" devices and "maker" communities, a broader vision of design is being developed. Interaction designers now needs to convey stories and values effectively, while the advertising agency has to worry about providing a consistent and meaningful user experience.
There is therefore the need to use all the different skills to design a brand experience that allows to communicate and differentiate the values of the brand, but also and above all build a meaningful, effective and long-lasting interaction between the user-customer and the brand.

However, the design experience process does not apply only to innovative start-ups or companies working in the field of technology but can also be used alongside (or instead of) traditional communication. While hundreds of billboards posted in the city will certainly be seen, but not necessarily looked at, a properly designed experience, while likely reaching fewer people, will have a much higher level of engagement.

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