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A new website with a product customizer for a custom merchandise company

Year: 2018

Client: Giemme srl Since 1988 Giemme produces and distributes custom merchandise and promotion products in Italy and Europe.

Task: Update the company website; organize existing content and create new articles; design a product customizer.

Francesco D’Agostino – UI Designer
Fabrizio Sanson - Web development
Angelo D’Agostino - Video editor

Design interfaccia sito web giemme
Pagina portfolio clienti sito web Giemme

UI Design

The website UI has a minimalistic style based on the squared shapes of the company logo. The color scheme is simple blue and white to let the pictures of the colored products stand out.

The website graphic style was the starting point for the redesign ofthe company's visual identity I made the following year.

Esempio schermata pagina sito web Giemme

Content creation

The brand communication is built around the creative nature of the company: unlike their competitors, they produce most of their products in-house.

We decided to shot a series of videos inside the company headquarters, showing how their products are made and the people who work to make those products.
Here a video which shows how a custom keychain is made.

UI Design for the catalogue and product customizer

I also designed [in Adobe XD] a prototype for an e-commerce section with a built-in product customizer to let the customers create and order their personalized products on the website.

Pagina catalogo UI sito web Giemme
Configuratore da sito web Giemme