Web Design – UI Design

Ferdi's pastry website

Website design and development for a pastry shop in Turin

Year: 2020

Client: Ferdi pastry - Torino

Task: Develop the site giving ample space to product photographs.
Create a product catalog and a gallery for the photos.

Francesco D’Agostino – UI design and web development

Angelo D’Agostino – Social Media and content management

Home page sito web pasticceria su PC
Identità visiva Pasticceria Ferdi - Icone, font e colori

Visual identity

Starting from the photos of the pastries, cake and the logo of the pastry shop, I created a color palette for the website.

I also created a set of custom icons to make the site easier to navigate.

UI Design

Some screenshots showing the website's interface.

Home page sito web pasticceria su PC
Dettaglio sito pasticceria su portatile